Blueline Krav Maga (BKM) was developed for the sole purpose of improving and advancing Krav Maga techniques for federal, state and local law enforcement (LE) agencies.

Blueline teaches Police Officers how to effectively deal with a wide range of subjects, from co-operative subjects to high level combatants using lethal force. Understanding that when these situations do occur, the Officers must do what is necessary and reasonable to protect their own life and the lives of others, but also adhere to the use of force policies mandated by their department.

This is what separates BKM from all other Krav Maga LE systems. We have successfully integrated the real world practicality of Krav Maga along with an organic understanding and actual application of Use of Force procedures. Our Officers go through an intensive training regime that physically and mentally puts their use of force decision making to the test. Once the fight is on, an Officer will have to effect an arrest by gaining control and finishing the altercation with handcuffing … as all use of force ends that way. This is what makes BLUELINE Krav Maga the best available LE training around!