Blue Line Division Training Course (April 22-26)

Alpha Krav Maga Blue Line Division provides the most relevant training for Law Enforcement available today. Using a strict Use of Force Model, our Officers learn how to obtain an arrest quickly and efficiently while reducing department liability.

Our next course will be held at Highland Ranch Training Academy in Littleton CO from April 22-26, 2019. Cost of the training is $795 per officer plus a $25 Facility Fee.

This course is for sworn police officers only.

  • 5-Day Immersion into Krav Maga

  • Defend Common Attacks Against Police

  • Use of Force Decision Making

  • Safe Separation to Access Force Options

  • Emergency Takedowns

  • Officer Ground Survival

  • Emergency Handcuffing Techniques

  • Weapon Defense and Weapon Retention

To register, click here or the button below. Questions? Contact us.

Holiday Party (January 18)

During the Holiday Season, everyone is so busy. Now that the Holidays are over, we would like to host a Holiday party so our Alpha Family can get together, celebrate the New Year and enjoy each other's company.  This party will be held at Karen's house on Friday January 18 from 6-10:30pm and is open to all of our Adult Krav Maga members. We will be providing all the food, all we ask is that you bring your Holiday spirit and any adult beverages you would like to drink. If there are any games you would like to bring, please feel free to do so. Each member is welcome to bring a guest, so please sign up ahead of time at the front desk so we may plan the food accordingly. 

It is always such a great time when we all get together so hopefully you will be able to attend. Let's have some fun and celebrate the good times of 2018 and kick off an incredible 2019!

Tactical Knife Seminar (January 12)

On Saturday January 12, Alpha Krav Maga Boston will be hosting a Tactical Knife Fighting Seminar from 11am-1:30pm. This seminar is open to all our members regardless of experience and the cost is $30. During the seminar we will be learning how to defend against knife attacks and knife threats. We will also learn offensive knife and will finish the seminar with rounds of knife vs knife sparring. 

If you would like to attend this event, please register by Tuesday January 8th via email or at the front desk. Please bring a white t-shirt that you do not mind getting dirty for the knife sparring. This is going to be an awesome day!

Schedule Change

We hope you have been enjoying the Holidays and are ready to get back to training with enthusiasm and new goals to achieve. Our 2019 curriculum will push you to knock down barriers, turn any weaknesses into strengths and improve your all around skills. Our coaches will give you the guidance you need to succeed while encouraging you to be better than you ever dreamed. 2019 is going to be a fantastic year and we are very excited to share it with our Alpha Family.

We have made some changes to our schedule to ensure we will accomplish our goals for 2019. The new schedule will begin on Wednesday Jan 2.


Monday:         Level 2     -6:30pm

                         Level 4/5  -6:30pm

Tuesday:         All Level   - Noon

                         Bag Class  - 6:30pm

                         Level 3     - 6:30pm

                         Level 1     - 7:30pm

Wednesday:  Ground     - 6:15pm

                         Level 1     - 7:30pm

                         Level 2     - 7:30pm

Thursday:      All Level   - Noon

                        Level 1      - 6:30pm

                        Level 2      - 6:30pm

                        Level 3      - 7:30pm

                        Level 4-7   - 7:30pm

Saturday:      Ground      - 8:30am

                        Bag            - 10:05am

                        Level 1      - 11:00am

You can pick up a new schedule at the front desk. Looking forward to seeing everyone,we open on Wednesday Jan 2.

Blue Line Krav Maga: Force Options Integration Course (September 10-14)

Join us for a 5-day immersion into Blue Line Krav Maga. In this "Force Options Integration Course," officers will learn:

  • Use of Force Impact Weapon Transitions
  • Safe Separation
  • Combat Handcuffing 
  • Officer Ground Survival
  • Deescalation Tactics and Emergency Control

Cost: $599 Per Officer

Dates: September 10-14, 2018

Buffalo Grove Martial Arts
700 Armstrong Drive
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

Register via email at or click the link below. 






Women-Only Counter-Stalking Seminar

Over one in seven women have experienced stalking, and women are twice as likely as men to be stalked. This training will develop skills to identify and respond to an individual who is threateningly following you.

In an urban space like Boston, crowds are chaotic and disorienting. We will learn how to make sense of the area around you, how to observe the people in your proximity, and how use the environment to draw out a pursuer. Training will conclude with a final simulation, applying your "new skills" to leave a bar at night and get safely to public transit while identifying and responding to an unknown pursuer.

Instructor Charles Simpson holds an M.S. in Security and Resilience Studies, and will be assisted in the design and execution of the seminar with a security consultant from Washington, D.C.

We will meet at the State Street T stop in downtown Boston at 6:00 pm Friday, April 13, and Saturday, April 14. We can take up to 10 people each night. If some of the group would like to meet at the gym and take the T in together we can arrange that as well. Training will run from 6:00-8:30 pm and the cost is $85 per person.  

Space is limited to 20 participants, 10 each night.  This unique seminar will fill up quickly so register today via email at or at the front desk.  Please specify which day you'd like to attend: Friday, April 13, or Saturday, April 14.

Active Shooter Seminar (February 17)


Join us at Alpha Krav Maga Boston on Saturday, February 17, for an Active Shooter Neutralization Seminar.

The seminar will be taught by the founder of Alpha Krav Maga International and 6th Degree Krav Maga Black Black Sam Sade.

Learn how to survive an active shooter scenario. Techniques we will cover:

  • Basic Hand Gun Defenses
  • 3rd-Party Gun Defenses
  • Take Downs From Front and Back
  • Strategies on When to Attack and When to Run

Time: 10am-2pm
Location: Alpha Krav Maga Boston. 141 Pleasant Street, Malden, MA 02148
Seminar fee: $95

Register via email or at the front desk. Space will fill up quickly, so register today!

New Ground Class

We will be adding a second ground class starting this Saturday, January 13, at 9:05am. With MMA and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu becoming more and more popular each year, we need to be able to defend ourselves in a ground fight. If you are uncomfortable on the ground, these classes will make you love it, so we encourage everyone to attend.

Both our ground classes are open to all members regardless of belt level at no extra charge. Take advantage of the opportunity to grow your ground game!

Note: There is no change to the Saturday Level 1 class.

Closed January 4

Alpha Krav Maga Boston will be closed Thursday, January 4, for all classes due to severe weather.  We will re-open on Saturday, January 6, for our regular scheduled classes.

This was a short week to start the new year. Our coaches are looking forward to seeing everybody in class this Saturday working towards their goals.  

Enjoy the snow and stay safe!

January Stripe: White


In January, our members will be working towards their White Stripe and finding another "gear."  White is the color of lightening, which represents speed. Speed is one of the characteristics of a champion and will be incorporated into our training this month as well as all other aspects of our lives.  

The Stripe Test will be held January 27-31 during regular scheduled classes. Coaches will be available before, during and after classes to ensure you pass your stripe. If for some reason you do not, they will spend time working with you on what needs improvement and will reschedule a make up test in order to keep you on track in pursuing your goals in 2018.

Looking forward to an awesome year of training!