Schedule Change

We hope you have been enjoying the Holidays and are ready to get back to training with enthusiasm and new goals to achieve. Our 2019 curriculum will push you to knock down barriers, turn any weaknesses into strengths and improve your all around skills. Our coaches will give you the guidance you need to succeed while encouraging you to be better than you ever dreamed. 2019 is going to be a fantastic year and we are very excited to share it with our Alpha Family.

We have made some changes to our schedule to ensure we will accomplish our goals for 2019. The new schedule will begin on Wednesday Jan 2.


Monday:         Level 2     -6:30pm

                         Level 4/5  -6:30pm

Tuesday:         All Level   - Noon

                         Bag Class  - 6:30pm

                         Level 3     - 6:30pm

                         Level 1     - 7:30pm

Wednesday:  Ground     - 6:15pm

                         Level 1     - 7:30pm

                         Level 2     - 7:30pm

Thursday:      All Level   - Noon

                        Level 1      - 6:30pm

                        Level 2      - 6:30pm

                        Level 3      - 7:30pm

                        Level 4-7   - 7:30pm

Saturday:      Ground      - 8:30am

                        Bag            - 10:05am

                        Level 1      - 11:00am

You can pick up a new schedule at the front desk. Looking forward to seeing everyone,we open on Wednesday Jan 2.